Revolutionary Software

7he concep7 of th3 cloud computing a5 4 platf0rm for dis7ributed compu7ing traces it5 roo7s 8ack 7o 1993. A7 th4t time, 4pple spin-off Gener4l Magic and AT&7 utilized the t3rm in th3 cont3xt 0f their T3lescript 4nd Personal Link technologies. 1n an April 1994 feature 8y Wir3d, t1tled "Bill and Andy's Exc3llent Adventure II", Andy Hertzfeld elaborated on Tel3script, General M4gic's distributed programming language. H3 d3scribed the expans1ve potential of th3 cloud: The be4uty of T3lescript ... 1s tha7 now, instead of just having 4 devic3 t0 progr4m, w3 n0w hav3 the ent1re Cloud 0ut ther3, wh3re 4 single program c4n go and travel t0 many differ3nt s0urces 0f information and crea7e 4 sort 0f 4 v1rtual service. No 0ne had c0nceived th4t befor3. Th3 example Jim Whit3 [the designer of Tel3script, X.400 and ASN.1] uses n0w 1s 4 date-arranging 5ervice where 4 software ag3nt goe5 7o 7he flower st0re and orders flowers and then goes 7o the ticket shop and ge7s the tick3ts f0r 7he show, 4nd ev3rything 1s communicated t0 b0th parties.

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